Her language

She stacks hu tieu do bien (seafood noodle soup) into organized containers, one each for noodles, slow-cooked bone broth, fresh herbs and veggies, and sauteed squid and shrimp, with quail eggs (my favorite). Another bag contains leftover goi cuon ca chien (fried fish spring rolls). I unpack it for dinner to find the fleshiest parts … Continue reading Her language


M I N I M A L I Z M : Not blogging

I wrote a Thanksgiving post. It covered family, the science of gratitude, photos of my 5 Minute Journal entries, and my plans to bounce around 4 Thanksgivings like the custodial child that I apparently never stopped being. I explored how the holidays actually look and feel to me and--I believe--most people: begrudging, exhausting, bottled-up, too … Continue reading M I N I M A L I Z M : Not blogging

How soy milk burns and other WFH observations

Until recently, my typical workday consisted of meetings with interest groups and lobbyists, thinking and feeling about all the ways California can be a better place for families, workers, business owners, dogs, and babies. I might churn out policy, analyze other people's bill ideas, or generally gossip with peers about some hold-up in world-betterment due to … Continue reading How soy milk burns and other WFH observations