Flake news

Having super fun running my business lately, but I’m making frequent stops to reassess my priorities and self-care. Realized I’ve been shaving off about one day of gymming per week for this, that, or the other. I’m not doing my entire nighttime routine, and am snoozing past my morning art sessions (though forgivably, because they are at 5:30am). So I’m blocking off my calendar for some hardcore ME PARTYING.

Midway through hair & makeup, I thought I looked appropriately crazy.

Me Partying usually means eating really good sushi alone, running this mediocre trail along the Sacramento River, then going home and considering a face mask but then getting distracted by random TED Talks and then falling asleep before getting to do all of the pampering I had daydreamt about. In order to set this glamorous plan in motion, I’ll have to deploy some of my best flake outs:

“I’m leaving now. But you’ll always be in my heart.”

“Yo. I’m not going on Tuesday because I’ve actually been dead for 500 years.”

“Can’t make it tonight. Gotta sprinkle tajin on some nectarines.”

From there, it’s just formless, fresh-aired freedom. No plans, no pants, just nectajins™️.

What do your Me Parties look like?



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