Flake news

Having super fun running my business lately, but I’m making frequent stops to reassess my priorities and self-care. Realized I’ve been shaving off about one day of gymming per week for this, that, or the other. I’m not doing my entire nighttime routine, and am snoozing past my morning art sessions (though forgivably, because they … Continue reading Flake news


Good ol’ days #1

Last year, my friends and I started EMAC ("ee-mac"), or Empowering Marginalized Asian Communities, an organization aimed at uniting the disparate Asian--particularly Southeast Asian--communities to tackle our regional inadequacies in social services, mental health resources, legal aid, youth guidance, civic engagement, healing from war and trauma, and translation services in all of the above. There … Continue reading Good ol’ days #1

Cataloging my April ’17 trip to Iceland. Learning how to spell “cataloging.”

(I know I'm super late on both of those.) Welcome to Reykjavík! Learn the language: Amma = Grandma Ut = Out Jokul = Glacier Foss = Suffix for waterfalls  Here I am driving like a real amma because our rental car was a stick-shift Suzuki Swift we named Taylor. Luckily, James is a great teacher and … Continue reading Cataloging my April ’17 trip to Iceland. Learning how to spell “cataloging.”